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Exotic Hair Types



LOCATION:- Brazil is located in the South America.


 ORIGIN:- Brazilian Hair is collected from small rural places within Brazil, where the donors are paid for the effort in growing strong and healthy hair.  Brazilians are of European, African and Indian heritage


FEATURES:- The features of Brazilian Hair are determined by the region and genetics of the hair.  Brazil is very genetically diverse, so they are less consistent in features.  These diversities are categorized into 3 classes (grades) for Brazilian Hair:


Grade A – this is the area of Brazil that is mostly of Anglo or European descent.  The texture of the hair is very fine, silky and is straight in nature.  This type of hair is good for making lace wigs and lace frontal.


Grade B – this is the most popular form of Brazilian Hair seen on the market.  The hair is thicker than the grade A version, and slightly wavy in version.  In can come in a range of colours from dark brown to light copper, this hair is highly resistant to the sun.


Grade C – this hair comes from the Afro – Caribbean population of the Brazil.  This hair is commonly known as Muttalo or Molado (i.e. curly).  The hair is coarse, thick and curly.  The hair usually comes in colors of black to light brown and can either be in body wave or tight curls.


VERDICT: - Brazilian Hair is the most sought after hair on the market, it is coarse in texture and heavy in density.  It comes in styles of naturally straight, wavy or curly.  The colors are usually in black or off black to rich brown.  Brazilian Hair is good if you want thick, bouncy hair.  The hair is good for blending in with Afro-Caribbean and this is why a lot of Afro-Caribbean women go for this hair, not only that it comes in a variety of styles and is very versatile.  A point to note anything lighter than color2 or 4.


LOCATION:-  Malaysia is located in South-East Asia and shares a border with Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines


ORIGIN:-   This is from women of a Malaysian descent that have donated their hair at Malaysian temples in order to help themselves financially or as offering to the gods.


FEATURES:-   Malaysian Hair comes in colours of darkest brown to near black.  The hair comes in styles of wavy, slight bends to loose body waves.  The hair is heavier, thicker and more, dense than Indian hair, aswell as being softer and silkier than Indian hair.  The hair dries straight with a slight wave.  Compared to Chinese hair the hair is thinner and softer.  The hair is extremely shiny and silky.


VERDICT:-Malaysian Hair is good for relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair and blends in well.  If you like naturally wavy or curly hair, this is one to go for.  The only downfall is that is only available in the darker colours, but on saying that the hair is extremely soft and shiny.  The Malaysian hair is relatively new on the virgin hair market and is priced a bit more expensive than Chinese and Indian hair.


LOCATION:- Peru is located the West side of South America


ORIGIN: - Peruvian hair is collected from remote villages of Peru, where there are not a lot of donors.  The population of Peru is a mix of Indian and Spanish immigrant heritage.


FEATURES: - Peruvian Hair is coarser and thicker than Brazilian hair.  It grows naturally straight, wavy or very curly.  But when washed becomes more curly in texture.  It comes in natural colors of dark or light brown, and sometimes in the less occurring slightly blonde shades.


VERDICT:- Peruvian Hair is very difficult to source this is why it is more expensive than other hair on the market.  If you like extremely thick hair and lighter brown colors, then Peruvian hair is the hair for you.  It will provide you with the strength, body of Brazilian hair with the smoothness of European hair.  Be careful to not buy too many packs of Peruvian hair, as it will look overfull and square.  The hair lays thick so you will need less bundles to give the desire effect.


LOCATION: - Located in Southern Asia.  It borders Pakistan, China, Nepal and Bangladesh.


ORIGIN: - Indian Hair originates from the Tirupatu temples, where the women shave their hair as an offering to the gods.


FEATURES:- There are two forms of Indian Hair that you can get.  The Indian Hair Remy which has been lightly processed to modify the hair and textures.  The other is the Indian virgin hair which is unprocessed and comes in a natural form.  Indian hair is thick and straight.  The hair dries wavy.  Indian Hair comes in very dark colors so be wary of lighter colors of Indian Hair.


VERDICT:- Indian Hair is good if you want shiny, straight hair.  It is very easy to straighten Indian hair.  The hair is thick and coarse.  The virgin Indian Hair comes in dark colors and can have extremely long lengths.  Indian Hair is good if you want to do straight, sleek and shiny hair styles.  Do not use this hair if you want body or bounce.


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